Direct marketing as a promotion tool

This is the act of marketing that is most direct and uses no intermediaries whatsoever to make pitches. It is the closest form of marketing that involves the producer connecting with the user. As a result, there is active interaction between them which brings about ease in pushing promotional products in the market.

Goals of direct marketing

1. Boost customer loyalty

Dealing directly with clientele shows concern for their wellbeing. Customers feel appreciated when they are notified of changes, appraisals and new information on the products they use. They are key stakeholders that need to be kept in the know of what is happening to the products they use.

2. Growth

Market expansion is the aim of every company. Nevertheless, through direct marketing, the company is able to reach more people and thus has the access of a greater market which translates to an increase in sales and thus a subsequent increase in the market share.

Types of direct marketing

1. Internet marketing

The internet has made eased marketing. Companies post their products on their social media accounts thus marketing their services and products to all potential users. Interested consumers can bid or purchase these products online and get them delivered to their location. This has revolutionized marketing by removing the distance barrier as well as adding flexibility to business transactions.

2. Kiosk marketing

This is the use of machinery to provide fast and direct services. Bank teller machines provide quick services to people therefore serving the needs of many customers.

3. Face to face selling

This is one of the easiest modes of direct marketing. It has been there for the longest time and though modern methods are cropping up, it is still very credible. This is done by the use of salespeople or staff that will move from house to house while showing the products of the company directly to the potential consumer in a bid to have them use promotional products and thereafter, stick to the product. .

4. Direct mail

Mail is one of the ways of communication. Companies have sought to send product releases or improvements directly to the mail of their clients to ensure first hand communication. In order to sustain this relationship, updates are done regularly by the company to ensure the emails are still active.